It’s Wellbeing Week – Are You Taking Care of Yourself


Looking After Your Own Wellbeing?

Because it’s Wellbeing week, we are going to read all sorts of things about how employers taking responsibility for the wellbeing of their staff.

Whilst that is essential and we all need to learn more about this, we do have to take responsibility for our own wellbeing and look after ourselves too.

Whether you are a business owner, run a busy household or manage others, or all of these, for some of you, chances are you feel that you work hard, that there are not enough hours in a day and that you are always busy and always racing to catch up.

I Identify, Do YOU?

I identify with all these things. Running my own business for 13 years means that I can easily spend all day – 7 days a week; thinking about and worrying about the business. I understand stress, irritability, anxiety, lack of sleep, weight gain, fuzzy brain… yes I’ve had all of that!

Speaking from Experience

Take time to step away from your desk and the everyday hubbub, fuel your engine on premium. Also, schedule time out of your diary for these emotionally nourishing and strengthening sessions.

So, I know that if you really do take time to recharge the batteries, you will feel the difference.

As I am speaking from experience here so I thought I would share some of the things that I do to keep me sane and on track and they don’t all cost money!

Daily meditation wasn’t nearly as difficult to learn as I thought. I use an app!

Exercise – I am a gym member and I get there 3 times a week and do an online class x2 per week at home. (free ones on Youtube). It helps me sleep, it is good for my head and mindset and last but certainly not least, increases my chances of living longer.

Walking – Don’t need to walk far just get away from your desk for half an hour or 40 minutes and walk. You see so much more even in your own town or village when you walk. Even in the pouring rain! Once again – good for mind and body and a really positive way to re-energise/refocus in the middle of the day

Get Creative and Reward Yourself


Cooking – It ticks my creative box and destresses me too. I have been learning vegan and vegetarian dishes recently as my daughter became a vegetarian. I find it all very Zen, planning, chopping, simmering, combining and seeing the results…. Oh, and eating healthier food is fun too!

A Treat for You -I book a treat for myself once a month. Sometimes it’s just a day off away from work with nothing at all planned that I fill with something simple, but usually, I fill it with something so that I am not tempted to look at my laptop.

Taking Care of Business

Continuous Learning – I joined a monthly Mastermind group that pushes me to achieve great things in my business and achieve my goals. It also does me good to take a day out of my business to work on it – not in it and to support and be supported and inspired by other business owners.

• My Tribe – My tribe are the great people I choose to surround myself with. Choose radiators not drains! We can choose to distance ourselves from people who are negative and who drain us. How much better is it to choose to spend time with people who make you laugh, who you trust and who inspire you and make you laugh too!

I promise you that taking time to look after yourself, making appointments for you in your diary, and allowing yourself time away from your day to day, will definitely improve your wellbeing. And you will feel so much more inspired and up for anything when you have taken time to look after No 1!


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