Too Busy To Recruit?


Too Busy To Recruit?

Speaking to businesses this week, I learned that people are too busy to talk to me about their recruitment.

I quote
“Yes – we need people, happy to work with you, but you will have to take the job specs off the website”
……And this is when we are talking to people who want to work with us!

Sometimes businesses will say – well we have about 6 agencies looking for these candidates and no one can find us the right candidate.

Have these Agencies spoken to the client to establish their requirements?

Investigation reveals that none of these “ agencies” has spent time with the client establishing exactly what it is they are looking for.

They are sending lots of CVs without knowing what the client needs, and hoping that some of them will stick!

We don’t work like that. We can’t work like that.

Our best work cannot happen without knowing what our clients need. There isn’t any point in starting on recruitment like that.

We Can’t Brief Candidates About Jobs If We Don’t Know Ourselves

How can we brief candidates about the jobs if we don’t know ourselves? If they are not briefed, how do we know they are right for the job and the job is right for them too!

If the candidate is put forward for a job and interviewed without understanding what the job is all about, they are not likely to accept the job if offered and what a dreadful waste of time that is for everyone!

Discovery Calls Matter

We ask our clients to take the time to have a detailed Discovery Call with us. This allows us to learn all about what they need, then we can go away and find those great people.

Our clients will rarely interview more than 3 people for one role. Why?

Because we know so much about what our clients are looking for and what kind of people will fit.

We know what their interview process is, how many people work there, what the prospects are and even where they can have lunch, park their car and what they are doing for their Christmas party!

Too Busy To Recruit?

Saying you are too busy to talk about your recruitment is a bit like saying you are too busy to go to the doctors, or too busy to service the heating system or put oil in your car engine.

You shouldn’t be surprised when things fail to run, perform or don’t last.

Or if you cook, you don’t expect to throw any old ingredients in a pan and for the result to be a delicious meal.
There is a slight chance it may taste OK but it won’t be a meal worth repeating, and the results will be quite unexpected and unpredictable.

If you took some time to plan it and make sure the right ingredients are added in the right sequence in the right way. The resulting meal will be delicious and what you expect, and that success will be repeatable too.

So, the next time a recruiter calls and you feel that you would pay for a service that secured you some great candidates – book some time to talk to the recruiter.

Ask them to call at a particular time when you are ready so that you can give them the information they need. They will then be able to go away and do their best work for you.

What Do I Mean By ‘Best Work.’

“Best work” means we will only send CVs that are a match to your requirements.

This means that you will want to interview all their candidates and guess what?

You will have saved loads of time because you are not ploughing through masses of irrelevant CVs.
Plus the people you interview know all about the job, your company, how to get there, the salary etc
So they REALLY are a match to your jobs and they want your job!

Find a good recruiter that will know what to ask you to establish what you are looking for, how you want to interview and what a good candidate looks like for you.

So if you are recruiting, take some time to step back from your business. Make the time to brief a recruiter so they can do the very best job on your recruitment.

And don’t forget that a good recruiter is part of your PR team.
They will be promoting your business in a positive way. Ensuring that they can attract great candidates to work for you.

Don’t be ‘Too Busy to Recruit. Do it properly and don’t be too busy to speak to a recruiter.

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