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Photo of Better People owner Jayne Johnson

Jayne Johnson


Comparing recruitment methods today to those 35 years ago when I started my career, highlights a lot of differences. From handwritten applicant cards, speed typing tests, faxing CVs, computers only used for candidate testing and training, to consultants smoking at their desks! …

We all work very differently now, using technology as much as we can and with emerging AI and the use of data science, that is increasing significantly. What will not change is the part that people and relationships play in our industry. There is simply no argument that where we are successful in placing candidates is when we have a real understanding of our clients’ business and culture.

That’s the bit that I love – getting to know the clients and finding them the candidates who will really help to transform their businesses. Finding them Better People in fact!


Phone: 07748 402587

Email: jaynej@betterpeople.co.uk

Photo of Hilary Underwood

Hilary Underwood

Operations Manager

I started my career in recruitment back in 1995.  Things were very different then.  No job boards, no online candidate registration, no Linkedin.  We just used good old pen and paper and we did have a phone!!

My career started with Reed Employment who I have to say were a fantastic company to work for.  The training was a week-long residential course in the Cotswolds and they taught me the whole 360 process of recruitment and I obtained my CertRP.

Whilst I still use much of what they taught me today, the last 20 years has given me a much more useful tool and that is experiencing the diversity and complexity of people.  We are, after all, dealing with human beings and as my dear old father used to say “there is nowt as strange as folk”.  What I love about recruitment is the variety of interaction with different clients, different candidates and no day is the same.

When I am not doing working, I am at home with my husband and our teenage son.  I love walking in the outdoors and socialising with friends and family and cooking up culinary delights!


Phone: 07582 102544

Email: hilaryu@betterpeopleltd.co.uk