Tips for Working Through 100s of CVs



Working Through 100s and 100s of CVs?

If you are recruiting right now you could be receiving 100’s yes 100’s of CVs.

I had to halt a client campaign last week when the number of applications on 1 job board (and we use 4!!) reached 127 IN 4 DAYS.

So, I thought you might like some tips to help you whizz through them quickly

Don’t download the CVs, work through them on the job boards themselves.

Take a couple of minutes to learn how each job board works so that you can “ mark” the ones you like and mark the ones you don’t so when you go back into the board tomorrow you can see which ones you have checked/discarded.

Contact the good ones IMMEDIATELY – you are looking for great candidates – so are other businesses.

You can immediately discard CVs where the CV has

  • Poor grammar and punctuation – lacks caps in the right places ( might not be important to you but it is to me!)
  • Sketchy work history (don’t worry about candidates that have started and left jobs quickly between Feb 20 and now!)
  • Candidate lives too far away
  • Poor descriptions of past roles and badly laid out CV ( this is their chance to sell themselves so if they can’t be bothered…..)
  • Experience and or industry sector is not relevant
  • Lacks qualifications (if you have listed them as a MUST HAVE)

Put the shortlisted ones in a folder on your PC which is GDPR compliant – don’t print them out – they have personal details on them which are protected by GDPR legislation

Ring the ones you like the look of QUICKLY and a good time saver is to arrange a phone interview with them.  Watch this space for Tips on Telephone Interviewing

Create an email template for making initial contact with applicants, so that same email can be used over and over.

Keep a record of who you are shortlisting so that if asked in future, you can demonstrate your reasons for selecting them.

These TIPS are designed to help you save time and money, manage your own recruitment.

If you would like to discuss this or any aspect of your recruitment – give us a call

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