The Staff You Are NOT Making Redundant

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What to Do for the Staff You Want to Keep

I was talking to a friend yesterday who has NOT been made redundant by a charity where they have just made a number of redundancies.

It was sad and interesting to hear how she feels about her employers and her job at the moment. She says that work is horrible. She doesn’t see much of her team except on Zooms and the occasional trip to the office to work with half of them to allow for social distancing. When they do talk to each other they are all talking about the fact that they too will probably be made redundant soon.

She says that they have been told that there won’t be any more redundancies but no one really believes it and are all worried that they will be losing their job in the next wave of redundancies that they are sure will be coming soon.

She said that her job is difficult because it depends on a quality of work coming through from other departments which she is not receiving in time to meet her delivery deadlines. She says that no one seems to mind very much because managers and peers alike are all distracted and unfocussed because they are stressed about the thought of losing their jobs. You can imagine what that must feel like to be an employee in such a disengaged team.

So, I suppose the observation I am taking from this is that when we are in the difficult situation of having to make people redundant, we need to really keep in mind, the staff we are keeping. We need to be focused on the employees we have decided to keep. What can we do for them? What do they need to help them feel engaged, motivated, secure and happy in their work so that they can continue to be productive?

HR professionals who are talking to us about securing the right Outplacement Support are as concerned about the message they are sending to their existing teams as they are to supporting their exiting executives in an exemplary way.

Redundancy in an organisation has far-reaching impacts and side effects. We hope that by choosing Outplacement by Design you can be assured your exiting leaders are in great hands, leaving you to focus on the staff you have left. This means that you can focus on  motivation, engagement and retention.

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