Creating Domestic Bliss Together at Home? Or Not Quite Feeling Like That?

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Are You All  Working in Harmony Together at Home?

 Or Could Things Be Going Much More Smoothly?

As we are all spending more time together at home, it is not a given that we will all be enjoying each other’s company, working in harmony, creating a new balance and structure to our daily domestic lives.

Some of us work together in a business already, and others as a family unit and as a business, but never before have we all had to spend such a lot of time in close proximity to each other.

Getting things done, when we are all under pressure and we certainly are “kettled” in, under pressure at the moment aren’t we?-  Is always harder – we know that. Dealing with a stressful situation where we add uncertainty to that, is guaranteed to make daily life more difficult.

Strong, confident capable individuals, used to making things happen in the workplace, in their business will not get the same results at home with their families, using the same methods of communication, delegation and work practices that they have been used to drawing on, outside of the home. This must be causing frustration and upset. You must be asking yourselves how this could work better.

How much easier would it be if you could work out, quickly and diplomatically, without judgement, who is best to do what? To find the tasks and responsibilities that each of you would enjoy, that you would thrive doing and which you could actually do better than others? Then everyone involved could be IN FLOW. Being in Flow means that you don’t see time passing, you are at your most productive and your most creative. You get work done more quickly and more effectively.

Talent Dynamics is a personality profiling tool that enables us to learn where we are IN FLOW. It shows us which tasks, duties and responsibilities will be best for us and where we will struggle, It shows us how and when to involve certain profiles in each aspect of our business and our tasks or projects.

We can use this time that we have, to explore what our own personality profile is and to learn about the profile of the people we are isolated at home with and also the people we work with in our businesses. People are telling me that completing their Talent Dynamics profile and exercise, as a couple, is giving them clarity to understand who should be given what task to do in the running of the home and also shown couples who work together in a business where their strengths are and how best to maximise on those.

I also work with businesses that won’t recruit without a Talent Dynamics profile. They want to know that when they bring someone in to do a certain role or set of responsibilities that this new recruit will be naturally IN FLOW and that their Talent Dynamics profile shows that they will be doing a role where their natural strengths lie, rather than something they have learned to do. And lets face it we have all had to learn to do things that we don’t enjoy! (me and spreadsheets is a great example of that!)

Talent Dynamics is focused at speeding up levels of Trust which quickly improves our behaviour and increases the amount of FLOW, which in a business really does impact the bottom line and drive revenue and in any team, partnership or family, improves relationships – both in our enclosed team and also with external relationships with suppliers and associates.

If you would like to hear more about Talent Dynamics Profiling – look at my website Dynamics or look at the Talent Dynamics website

Talent Dynamics Profile Tokens are £75 each and a 1-2-1 Debrief lasting 1 hour is £197.00.

2 Tokens and a debrief for 2 people will be £325.00 ( plus VAT).

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