Recruitment – What a Market!



Snapshot of Activity in our team- This is on one job, on one job site, which had 149 applicants in 4 days.

Paused the advert on that site, to work through the applicants. Shortlisted 12.  Was then only able to contact enough of them to book 4 initial phone interviews with candidates who looked suitable. The others who looked suitable didn’t reply to phone calls emails or texts. (We have a 3 strike rule)

Of the 4 we wanted to speak to – on speaking to them, only 2 actually want to work the hours clearly stated on the advert, one didn’t remember applying and wasn’t interested, the other has a second interview the following day so “can we leave it for now?”.

So that is only on one job advert site and we use 3. So, what do we do? We go again, open the advert, continue to work through the job advert response and continue to shortlist – facing the same sort of outcomes highlighted before. You have to move quickly and respond to applicants on the day they apply, or you will miss them.

Work from home, part time and hybrid jobs are attracting the most applicants at the moment.

Good skills are in short supply and it’s not unusual to get someone to offer and notice stage ,with our client for the candidate to be counter offered by their existing employer, who is offering to improve their financial package and or offer more flexible work from home options.  They are happy to do this as they realise how difficult it will be to replace them in this market.


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I don’t know if you have time to incorporate this amount of activity in your search for employees, but we are experienced at this. We have the tools and know how, to work through the high volume of applications, quickly and efficiently and shortlist the best candidates for our clients.

In this fast-paced difficult climate – (ask any recruiter you know to validate this) – we have had a record quarter, placing candidates in office admin, engineering, marketing and sales jobs for our growing client list.

If you need some help finding the best people in the market right now – give me a call.

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