Thinking of Hiring Your First Employee?

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Wondering about what you need to do?

Having made the decision that you need to take someone on to work with you in order for your business to grow, you will need to give some thought as to how you are going to do that.

Perhaps you don’t have much experience of recruiting and are wondering where to start.

Perhaps you are concerned about how you are going to go about finding the right person for your vacancy. Where do you start? How do you write a job description? Do you really need one? What else do you need? What else needs to be considered?

When you are thinking about taking someone else on to work in your business, you will need to consider carefully issues such as the cost – salary plus employers NI, paid holiday and any benefits. What equipment will they use? Phone desk and computer ?  Car? Any other tools needed to do the job? What hours will they work? Will they be in the office or workshop when you are not there? Will they be given a key to your premises?

Who will train them? Do they need a car to get to their place of work or will public transport be suitable for them?

What are the essential skills and experience for your vacancy and what is desirable? Why do they need those skills and that experience?  Where will you find this person? How long will it take you to find this person? Do you have experience of interviewing people? What sort of roles have you interviewed for in the past? Can you put together a list of relevant questions for your candidate interviews? How comfortable do you feel giving constructive interview feedback to the candidates who are not successful?  Are you comfortable about securing references for your chosen candidate?

The best place to start is with your job description. Write a list of all the duties that this person will be required to do, what areas are they responsible for?  Where will you advertise to attract candidates? You will need to write an advert and pay to place that in either a newspaper or on a jobsite. You will not have any guarantee of attracting any candidates with your advertisement or of attracting suitable candidates, which may mean that the advertising cost is wasted. Then you will be required to shortlist from your advert response and prepare first interviews to ensure that these candidates are everything they say they are on their CV. You would follow this up with face to face interviews, which can sometimes be surprising and disappointing and ultimately a waste of your valuable time.When you consider the amount of work and worry involved in the recruitment process, it is worth considering the value of working with an expert recruiter.  A good experienced professional will meet with you in your place of work and talk through the whole process with you and will then formulate a recruitment campaign to suit you.  Recruiting a telesales person will be quite different from recruiting a Practice Manager or a Graphic Designer.

A professional  recruitment consultant will take all the work away from you so that after this detailed meeting, all you need to do is agree terms and wait for the shortlisted candidates CVs to arrive in your inbox.

At Better People Ltd Recruitment, we take care of everything.  We can  help with the job description, We write the adverts.  We conduct a full applicant attraction campaign advertising on appropriate job boards and our own networks of contacts.  We work through the ad response, selecting suitable candidates for our clients, through a process of telephone screening and face to face interviews.  All the candidates we submit for interview with our clients, will be fully briefed about the job, the company , what your company culture is, the dress code, parking, hours, benefits, holidays – everything that they would need to know before committing to attending an interview.

You will not be interviewing anyone, unless they are a real contender for the job. This saves you an enormous amount of time and money.

The way that most recruiters charge is on a percentage of the salary offered to the candidate. Where there is a commission package or bonus scheme attached to the job, the fee is usually only applied to the basic salary figure. Better People charge 17.5 percent of the salary plus VAT.

Better People Ltd offers a money back guarantee where dependant on how long the candidate is with you during a 12 week period you receive all or some of your money back if they leave within that 12 week period. i.e. Leave within 2 weeks – 100% of the fee is repaid, leave within 10-12 weeks you receive 20% of your fee back.  We have not had to rebate any money since we started out as we are very thorough and we get it right every time.

Dependant on the role, you should usually allow 4-6 weeks to secure the right candidate for your role. This can be done much more quickly if the person is currently available and not subject to notice periods of course. We like to stress that this is an essential part of your business and that in order to secure the right person you should be thinking of it as more than simply pulling someone off a database as fast as you possibly can.

Call us to discuss how to quickly and effectively recruit someone to support your business growth, who will fit in and stay put. You meet with us and then we go away and do all the work to get you the very best candidate.  Read next my next blog about Interviewing – preparing and some interview scripts for you.

Better People Ltd has a unique approach to recruitment. We meet you to discuss your needs and then create a bespoke recruitment campaign based on your organisation and the individual role. We pre-screen and interview all candidates before putting them forward, and will only do so if we’re happy they will fit in and stay put. Our approach saves you time and improves retention. Better People – Stay.

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