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With who?  Based on what? How will success be measured?  You don’t want to be in a position to be coming to the end of a probationary period and discover that you don’t really know if things are working out and if you should confirm or extend probation and how to do that. Having all these things in place, at this stage will protect you from difficulties in the future.

Have you checked that your selected candidate is eligible to work in the UK? Do you know how to do that? Do you know who is eligible and who isn’t or requires a visa/work permit?  A good recruitment agency will always check this before submitting a candidate to you but it is your responsibility to check all documentation yourself before employing someone.

Don’t be tempted to pay under minimum hourly rate – people are currently being prosecuted for that. In any case, underpaying someone is not a good start to your employer/employee relationship is it really!  Then again if you don’t mind how long they stay or the quality of the work they do……. – this link will give you some guidance on current pay legislation.

You might be concerned about how much National Insurance you have to pay? What will it cost? How do you calculate it? How often do you have to pay it? will help with that too.

Look at government guidelines and be sure that you understand and are fully aware of what you need to do and to have checked and to do on an ongoing basis. All the information is available and written in a way that is easy to understand.

If you don’t feel comfortable managing all of this yourself – consult with a professional recruitment/ HR person with recent experience working with small businesses, who can also advise on the taking on and managing of staff. Choose a recruiter with a guarantee and ask them to demonstrate recent successes in similar businesses and how long staff stay/ retention levels in their client list.

Better People Ltd Recruitment Services offers a full range of recruitment and employment related  advice and  services. We collaborate with the most qualified and relevant HR professionals.  Whether you want to talk about performance management, training, team profiles employee benefits or any other HR matters we can help.  We want to make sure that your hard work recruiting and selecting new staff for your business, really pays off.

We want our candidates to stay and add real value to the business they join. We want them to thrive and our clients business to prosper. Having everything in place from the job description to the performance review process, training and probation process will ensure an organised and motivated work force and give you the employer the confidence you need.

Better People Ltd has a unique approach to recruitment. We meet you to discuss your needs and then create a bespoke recruitment campaign based on your organisation and the individual role. We pre-screen and interview all candidates before putting them forward, and will only do so if we’re happy they will fit in and stay put. Our approach saves you time and improves retention. Better People – Stay.

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