Why Should I work with a professional recruiter?

So you have decided to grow your team to meet growing business demand.   How can you keep the time spent on your recruitment campaign to a minimum whilst still making sure that you get the right person for your business?

It is worth planning your recruitment campaign carefully.  You might decide that you would like to handle it yourself or you may like to consider working with a professional recruiter.

Hopefully, these observations which are based on my 35 years of recruitment experience, will help you to decide how you would like to manage your recruitment process. It will help you to know what to expect from a good recruitment professional, what you need to do yourself, where to start and what benefits to expect if working with Better People Recruitment Services Ltd.

Your new recruit has the potential to increase the value of your business so like any investment or change to your organisation, it needs to be carefully considered.

The Job Description

Start with the job description – do you already have a job description? Does it really cover what you want this person to do in your business? Is it an “old” job description that you haven’t re-written or reviewed for a while?  

This is your chance to get the perfect person for your business so make sure that you have made any changes to the job description to reflect those exact needs. What are the essential skills required for this role? What do you want them to do every day? What areas will they be responsible for? Who will train them and induct them into the business? What specialist software experience, if any, is essential for the role?  How will their success be measured? What are their Key Performance Indicators? What do they need to achieve in terms of activity to ensure that they meet the requirements of the role?  What does the Person Specification look like?

The job description needs to be relevant and in line with the needs of your business today – not as it was when you recruited the last person.

Communicate Openly with your Recruiter – Be prepared to welcome them into your business

An effective and reputable recruiter, will be able to offer you support in every stage of your recruitment campaign.   If you communicate openly with your recruiter, you will get  good results. Don’t think that you will get the best results by sending an e-mail to a recruitment company and expecting them to find the very best person for your business who will stay and add value to your organisation, as a result of simply reading an e-mail.

If your car wasn’t going well, and you had very little experience of car repairs ,  you probably wouldn’t ring a mechanic, from a Google listing and ask them to send some parts to sort out the problem….

At Better People Ltd, we start by meeting with you to discuss and consult on  every aspect of the vacancy.  The FREE Consultation includes discussion on everything from the job description and your interview process, to the post hire performance measures and analysis. You will be encouraged to talk about future prospects, benefits, training, equipment, parking, benefits, holidays, company visions and values, interview process, company plans for the future everything we need to help us find you the best person for you.  The joy of this for you,  is that once you have invested this time, we leave you to get on with what you are best at while we go away and do all the work to find you your ideal candidate.  We know how to do the recruitment properly, and with the  information from you, about your business at the outset, we always get results.

Our thorough preparation and  bespoke applicant attraction selection and matching process means that you don’t hear from us again until we have a truly qualified shortlist of people for you to interview. The candidates will be real contenders for your job. You will not be wasting time interviewing people to see what they are like – you will know that they are suitable, that not only do they have the appropriate skills, but that their commitment and enthusiasm is at a high level too. Then your interviews will be relevant and worthwhile. Recent clients are saying that we make the decision too hard for them as all our candidates are really good and they just can’t decide!

Whoever the recruiter is that you decide to work with, make sure that they are offering you this level of service.  Ask them for referrals and recommendations to reassure you that they are as good as they say they are.  When they send you the CVs expect to talk to them in detail about the candidates. Book a time to have a Q&A about the CVs they have sent you.  Ask your recruiter why the candidate wants to leave their existing role, what their last benefits package was, how long it will take them to get to work, why their candidate wants your job. Ask the recruiter why they think that person is a fit for your business. Etc.

When you meet your candidates for interview, ask them what kind of experience they have had with the agency and their recruitment consultant. What was their meeting like? How well did they brief them about your business and the job?

We interview all our candidates in depth when we meet them so we can tell you everything you will need to know when considering our candidates. We offer specialist profiling for clients who want it.

Hope this article has given you some insights into why you might choose to work with a professional recruiter, what to expect from them, what a good recruiter will need from you and how to check that you are interviewing people who are real contenders for your job.

If you would like to have more information on this subject or to hear more about Better People, please give us a call for a no obligation consultation or even  just for a friendly  little chat!  – 01491 836632

Better People Stay Put!

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