Recruiting in a Skills Shortage? Consider Attitude rather than just Skills

Recruiting in a Skills Shortage?

Consider Attitude rather than just Skills

In these days of increasing skill shortages, we should consider “growing our own”. Look to take on individuals with the right attitude. Those keen to learn, receptive to training, development that we can train ourselves.

Recruiting for attitude rather than skills is not a new thing.
When recruiting salespeople for Microsoft UK, one of the Sales Directors said “ Jayne here is a 9 point list of “must-haves” , but if the individual has the want and does want to get ahead and learn – I can work with that.”

We cannot train the personality but we can train skills.

For younger employees there are often government training schemes to help us do this.
Apprenticeships are very accessible now for all categories of staff. From forensic scientists to digital media to the more traditional apprenticeships in trades. They don’t have to be for the under 25s either. The government are making it easier and easier for us to be supported while we train staff.

We can take a step back from our businesses, think ahead and do some resource planning. Where do we see the skills gaps coming up? Then recruit individuals with the right attitude trained to do things your way.
This often results in very loyal committed employees and better dynamic business culture.

We’ve all come across the employee who isn’t a team fit. Doesn’t fit the company culture profile anymore, yet we hang onto them. Why, because they are the only person who can use our accounts system?

Change the system! Recruit someone less experienced to work with them, on a lower salary and send them on the courses.

Avoid being held hostage to the person with the wrong attitude. Just because they are the only one who applied who could use X. That is not a way to build a great team!

Ask any business you know with great staff, who are happy in their work, who stay. – How they recruit and I bet you they consider attitude over skills every time.

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