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Outplacement by Design is a newly conceived Outplacement Support Service.

It is designed for those businesses who want to offer their exiting employees a little bit more.

Finding the right Outplacement Service to suit each of your exiting employees is difficult. It’s difficult because they are all different people who want and need different things as they plan their onward journey.

Some of them may be looking to secure a new job as quickly as possible, others to consider pulling back from full time work, setting up their own business or starting a portfolio career. Whilst others may be hoping they can stop work altogether and wondering if their finances will allow them that freedom. All of them will probably be feeling a little bit disheartened by the process, will feel that they could do with more confidence, purpose and resolution before they take that next step they are considering.


The founders of Outplacement by Design have all been working with people for many years, supporting them with the most important choices of their lives.

This means that we are well placed to understand the many different emotions and practical needs that individuals may have as they approach the next steps on their onward journey.


How Does it Work?

Outplacement by Design will offer your employees the chance to build their own programme by selecting the time that they feel they want with each of our experts.

When you buy an Outplacement by Design programme, your employee will receive an information pack that shows them how to very easily design and structure their own Outplacement Programme.

They are tailoring their Outplacement Support Programme to suit their individual needs.

Their Outplacement by Design Introduction Pack will explain how they have 10 Tokens to use.

The first 3 Tokens will be spent having an introduction session with all 3 of our experts – Jessamy Walker, Lisa Murdoch and Jayne Johnson.

They then decide how many of their tokens, they want to spend with each of the experts according to their individual needs.


How Well Does it Work?

We will be relying on the people we work with to tell you about that.

Every individual on one of our Outplacement by Design programmes is asked to complete a Quality Feedback Questionnaire at the end of their support period. This means that we can continue to be assured that the ObD service is one from which people derive real benefit.

Results of those forms are fed back to our clients so that they know they have chosen the right Outplacement programme for their exiting employees.



The Programmes

There are currently two Outplacement by Design Programmes- Professional and Executive

Professional – This programme offers the individual 10  x 1 hour sessions with our experts over 6 months.  The sessions are selected by the end user in line with their individual needs

Executive – This programme offers 25 x 1 hour sessions over 12 months and once again the sessions are selected by the end user in line with their individual needs

(each person will receive a Talent Dynamics Profile token) WILL THEY? THOUGHTS ON THIS PLEASE…


Why Choose Us

  • Integrity – you can trust us to look after your employees as individuals.  They matter to us as well.
  • Efficient – We make it easy for you, simple, clean quality process, easily accessible and relevant for every clients’ business and everyone of our end users.
  • Future success/Forward thinking – for the employee, the business, and those that remain – we adapt and evolve and create change
  • Personalised Support – we recognise each individuals’ needs are unique and this is why a cookie-cutter/”one size fits all” approach doesn’t work  anymore and ‘by design’ will
  • Expertise


What Are We Offering? Who We Are?

Lisa Murdoch – Executive Career and Business Coach helping business leaders unleash brighter futures and maximise on their potential. Giving people the freedom to be themselves and do what they love.

Jessamy Walker– Qualified Independent Financial Advisor – Helping time poor professionals reach Financial Freedom by making their money work as hard as they are. Offering financial advice that supports individuals to achieve financial freedom and live the lives they choose.

Jayne Johnson – Expert Recruiter with over 35 years in the industry, supporting business owners secure the best people for their businesses and supporting people to find the jobs they love. Will be offering support with every area of job search including market awareness, CV optimising, interview techniques, job searches and anything job search related.

Look out for our September 30th Launch and our website at























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