Interviewing? Make your interviews reflect your exact needs

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Are you going to be interviewing soon?

How are you feeling about it? Confident prepared and relaxed? Sure that you are going to get the best candidate for your vacancy?

Interviews are sometimes a difficult environment in which to asses some ones’ suitability or exactly what they will be like during their working day. Or to learn what their “hands on” approach might be. 

We had a recent project to recruit a creative assistant to support a high end textile designer.  Paper based qualifications and work history were just not enough so we put together an interview assessment where candidates were asked to take a box of textiles and some ornaments and put together an exhibition stand. This worked really well because some of the candidates, when briefed about this aspect of the process at the outset, withdrew their application as this reinforced a requirement of the role that they were not at all confortable with. Others attended the assessment but showed themselves to be inept in an essential area of the role . Others really demonstrated  their creativity and comfort in that area and it enabled my client to decide on that basis.

We believe that the   recruitment campaign should be tailored to the needs of the company and the role.

We help clients with interview scripts, setting up and administering assessments, finalising recruitment campaign details, scheduling interviews and recording documenting and delivery of effective feedback.

If you would like to discuss your recruitment with us, please call and take advantage of our free on site consultation. Even if you decide not to work with us, we are confident of adding value to your recruitment process.

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