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Business is looking up and you need to employ someone to work with you, haven’t recruited anyone before? – how are you going to go about this recruitment?


This recent spate of Bank Holidays and the little bit of warm weather we have had, comes along with the encouraging  news that the UK economy is picking up. My role as a professional recruiter and MD of Better People Ltd, means that I am always talking to business owners and a current them seems to be that they are all looking to recruit someone new into their business in the next 12 months.  Some of them have worked  with agencies before and not been impressed,

either because the person they recruited, didn’t stay or because the recruiter didn’t seem to understand their business and sent inappropriate CVs and rang them all the time to ”hassle them”  about interviewing their candidates.  Unfortunately for a host of other reasons as well.

 Finding the right recruit for your business is difficult. It is time consuming and it is risky. Like any complicated process it is worth planning it thoroughly. Do you have a job description? A person specification? A performance review process?  Has the job description been reviewed recently? Does it reflect the needs of your business today? Or was iit put together 3 years ago?  Whether you already have this in place or you work with your recruiter to build it with you, you will need to start here.  The job description is your list and description of what you want the person to do, to be to have and will enable you to measure how effective they are once they are working for you.

The next stage is to decide whether you will do the recruitment yourself and what it involves. You will need to decide how to attract the right applicants, from an advert on a jobsite, newspaper, card in a window etc .Then sieve through the CVs in your in-box/mail box,( we recently recruited for a skilled admin role to work in Wallingford at £22k per annum and the total number of applicants was 126), make a shortlist and arrange interviews.( Do you like interviewing? Will you test the candidates at their interviews? How do you assess if people a really are as skilled as they say they are?. Are you very experienced at it?) Following the interviews, you will need to give feedback to the unsuccessful candidates and if you have not been able to find someone from that round of interviews, you will need to start again.


You might say “well we don’t usually go to all that trouble – I just tell the rest of the team and s ask them if they know anyone”  Are you 100% sure that every person that you have recruited using that method is the very best person for the job? That you couldn’t have done better for your business by being more selective? The recruitment process should be  the addition of a person to your business who will stay and add real value to the business they are working in.


So it should be worth investing some time in speaking to a professional recruiter. At Better People Ltd, we visit all of cour clients before we start working on their vacancies. We work through the JD with the employer, learning as we go along about the requirements the job, the remuneration including any bonuses or commissions,  business plans, culture, hours, benefits, holidays, prospects, parking everything that a new recruit/employee would need to know before deciding if a role is right for them.


The time we take to understand you and your business means that we can source really good candidates who will stay with you and help you to grow your business. We also offer Talent Dynamics profiling to enhance team fit.


This also means that the interviewees you meet are really fully prepared, completely briefed about you and your role and will not be coming along to find out, for example if you can be flexible about start times, if it really is too far for them to travel, to ask you if you can really pay another £2k per annum on the salary…. All the candidates you interview from Better People will really be a good match to your requirements and really interested in your role as it is. They will not be coming along to find out all of the above. Our candidates stay and add value to the businesses we recruit for. In over 3 and a half years that we have been in business , our rebate/guarantee has not been taken up.


One of the benefits of meeting with your consultant at the beginning of the process is to establish how you will interview. This is not a” one size fits all” offering.  Better People Ltd provide bespoke recruitment campaigns for our clients. There are jobs that need a certain type of skill or aptitude that cannot be assessed as part of a “normal” CV based questioning process. For example, we recruited for a textile designer who needed someone to support her with her marketing , but part of what she needed them to do was to be able to  put together displays for exhibitions and photo shoots. So we devised a “test” using a box of textiles, materials, etc and a table and told the shortlisted candidates that this would form part of the interview process. Candidates not confident that they could do that withdrew from the shortlist, so only candidates fully confident of their ability in that area were put in front of my clients. If our clients are interested, we also offer Talent Dynamics profiling to enhance team fit and performance.


So to summarise, you meet with the Better People Ltd consultant at your place of work, you work through your recruitment requirements, establish your interview  process, agree feedback schedule for Better People to be able to deliver your interview comment in a timely and professional way to the candidates. You agree terms – between 15 and 17% including a rebate/guarantee and Better People do everything else. They write the ads, place the ads, work through the applications, telephone interview candidates on first shortlist, face to face interviews with all candidates on second shortlist. All candidates submitted to you have been interviewed in person. They brief the candidates about the job, asses their motivation for the role, arrange the interviews and represent your company accurately to ensure that only the very best, most enthusiastic and fully briefed candidates are introduced to you.


From an initial consultation with you in your place of work straight to interviewing a selection of suitable candidates- you don’t do anything in between, except get on with running your business. You don’t pay anything until your selected candidate starts work with you. You leave all the work to Better People Ltd knowing that with a combined recruitment experience of over 55 years we will get it right for your business.


Why not start with a Free On Site consultation to see if you feel they could help you find the very best person for your business?



Please look at our website for a flavour of the views and recommendations from our clients.


Better People Ltd has a unique approach to recruitment. We meet you to discuss your needs and then create a bespoke recruitment campaign based on your organisation and the individual role. We pre-screen and interview all candidates before putting them forward and will only do so if we’re happy they will fit in, stay put and really add value. Our approach saves you time and improves retention. BETTER PEOPLE – STAY.


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