2014 – A good Year for Small Businesses

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Will you be recruiting to achieve growth?

The media via the government are telling us that this is the year for small businesses, this is the year when we are going to see growth in small businesses and new ventures.  What will you do to achieve this growth and ride this wave of success and expansion? Do you have the bandwidth to encompass this growth?  Will you be thinking about recruitment?

How will you handle the increase in work?

Some people shy away from recruitment and prefer the Outsourcing model. Engaging other expert business owners, to work on certain aspects of your business can work well. Book keeping, accounts, marketing, HR, design amongst others, are all areas that seem to lend themselves to the out sourcing way of working. There should still be a “recruitment” logic to your way of selecting these people. You will need to meet them to talk to them to ensure that they reflect your ethics and values and so that you feel that your work is in trusted and safe hands. Can they give you some testimonials from other clients? Can you speak to those clients?  Will they be confidential and discreet? Can you be yourself when you are speaking to them or do you feel that you have to swot up on everything before you have a conversation with them?  That won’t lend itself to a happy working relationship!  Is their experience relevant? Are they used to working with huge corps in the oil and gas sector? Does that relate to your business? Get them to sell themselves to you – you will be paying them so you are the client.

Working with Free Lancers works well too but you are always on a knife edge of making sure that you are keeping them in enough work to stop them going somewhere else and finding that when you need them urgently, they can’t concentrate on your work as they are doing something else-  not giving you their main focus. Perhaps they are being tempted to work for other people who come up with more lucrative work or more hours of work for them and you will be left high and dry. So that option takes managing too and the engagement/recruitment is the same as outsourcing to other businesses. You have to be in constant communication with them in the same way that you would an employee to keep them engaged and “on the same page” as you.

The final option to help you manage the extra work is to Recruit someone  to work for you on a permanent basis. This can feel like a daunting option for a number of reasons. You have a lot to think about – what do I want them to do? How many hours do I need them? What skills do they need? Who is going to train them? Supervise and manage them? Recruitment should be as carefully considered as any major spend in your business, you would plan it, consider it, consult on it, explore the options and pick the most viable for you. You would research it and think carefully before making a decision.  Recruitment is as much a part of the growth of your business as  your phone system, your cash flow or technology. You wouldn’t ring an IT company and simply say “we need a computer” would you? And if you did you would be very lucky if you accidentally struck gold and got something that really suited your business.

So how do you find the right person to help you in your business?

Start by writing a job description. Don’t get too complicated at this stage, just have a sheet beside you when you are working and note down the things that this person could be doing.

Next month I will be talking about job descriptions  and giving some helpful advice and tips on how to prepare one, why you need one and how to use it in your recruitment campaign and ongoing.

Better People Ltd has a unique approach to recruitment. We meet you to discuss your needs and then create a bespoke recruitment campaign based on your organisation and the individual role. We pre-screen and interview all candidates before putting them forward and will only do so if we’re happy they will fit in, stay put and really add value. Our approach saves you time and improves retention. BETTER PEOPLE – STAY.

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