Recruiting? 8 Times More Candidates are Applying for Jobs in the UK Right Now

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Recruitment – 10 Steps
Currently at least 8 times more candidates are applying for every job.
Are you ready to recruit?
Do you have a plan?
Our 10 step guide will help you prepare
1 Plan and Cost Out Your Campaign – what are you recruiting for and how are you going to run this campaign and with who? Do you know how much you need to pay this new employee? Add on costs of employing people? Benefits etc? What a professional recruiter will charge? How much job site adverts cost
2 Write job description – purpose of job, include specific duties, Person Specification how will success be measured?
3 Write Advert- Make it attractive – you want to attract people- Use Person Specification to help you write your advert. Advertise in the right places – include a Call to Action. How to apply etc.
4 Ad response – Who is going to look after this and how? Do you have a specific email address for ad response to go to? Info@ careers@ etc? It will be a lot of extra work. 8 x more candidates are applying for jobs right now. Where are CVs to be stored? Standard reply for applicants – reject, getting back to you soon, inviting for interview.
5 Interviewing? Use a pre- planned list of questions/Interview Script to ask all candidates – every interview must be the same so that every interviewee has the same experience. Check ID and eligibility to work in UK. Do you have a smart professional place to interview? Quiet and confidential area, behind closed doors in your place of work? If you are using a video platform don’t assume you can record the interviews and keep them without asking the candidates’ permission and being prepared to share the recording with them too.
6 Someone to Interview with you and Take Notes – You are required to retain your interview notes in case you are asked to justify your reasons for rejecting candidates. Someone with you taking notes means you can really engage with the candidate.
7 Giving Feedback – Feedback must be constructive and not discriminatory. Needs to be given within 48 hours of interview, if longer you will lose good candidates. If you want them back for a second, or like them enough to make an offer, tell them there and then. Time is not on your side. If the candidates are appealing to you – they will appeal to others interviewing them too! If you offer first and quickly – you will secure their acceptance.
8 The Offer – Either at interview – see above – or start by offering on the phone and then in writing within 48 hours of interview. Get verbal acceptance then e-mail your formal offer with all documentation, including job description and start date. These candidates have been interviewing elsewhere too so make them want your job! Get written acceptance.
9 Their First Day – Be ready, be welcoming, have everything ready for them, they have the option to leave you, if things don’t work out for them too! We have come this far we want them to stay now! Stay and add value to our business. Make sure that they feel appreciated and have everything they need to do a great job for you.
10 Retention and Performance Management – Ask them how they are getting on and if they need any help. Review meetings should be scheduled at end of weeks 1,2, 4 8 and 12 during probation (for a3 month probation). Probation can be 3 or 6 months. Make sure they have this schedule and understand that they are able to input to this process and that their contribution to the review meetings is expected. Give them questions to complete ahead of their review meetings.
Happy Recruiting and remember we are here to help if you need us.
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