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With the increase in video interviewing, being seen currently, we wanted to reach out to those of you who are about to have a video interview, to give you some tips to make sure that you come across as well as you can and that your video interview is the one that secures you the job offer you want.

Are You Worried about How to Be Your Best You in a Video Interview?

Preparation is Key for Any Interview but here are the things to remember when preparing for a video interview.

What Platform or Tool is Your Interviewer Going to Use?

Are You Familiar with it? If you are working with a recruiter, they will help you understand the specific tool and tell you how to access it. (we do interview prep sessions using the same tool as the client so that our candidates have it all set up and ready to go.) Your interviewer will tell you ahead of the interview what tool they are going to use and will usually send you a link to that.

Setting the Scene – Your Environment.

Make sure that you can be seen. Sit in a well- lit place. Daylight by preference. You do need to make yourself be seen clearly – you don’t want to be the “foggy” one! Make sure that you are on a wide a screen as possible – preferably a lap-top or tablet, that the screen is static and supported – not likely to fall down when you are mid interview! If you are having your interview at home, make sure that the door is shut against animals or children or animals who may make noise or demands of you. Let anyone know who may interrupt that you are busy and not available!

Don’t do it in an environment where you have no control over the noise or distractions that may take place. If, for example, you choose to be sitting in a noisy coffee shop, to have your interview, that does not demonstrate respect for the process or the interviewer.

See what the screen looks like in the position you have chosen. What can you see behind you? I once video interviewed someone who had chosen to sit at his kitchen table with his boxers in full view on the washing airer behind him! Another person expected me to conduct a video interview while he was sat on an unmade bed!

Turn your phone off or leave it in another room. It really mustn’t ring or distract you during your interview.

Are there some photos on show, that you would rather not share with a prospective employer or prefer to keep private? Sit in front of the screen as though you are having your interview and see what you look like and what the interviewer will see in the frame.

The Controls- On the Video Interview Platform and Your Device.

Do you know how to make sure that you can be heard and that you can hear the interviewer? Having to repeat yourselves and raise your voices will not encourage a relaxed flowing exchange between you. Check the controls on the tools that you are using. Check that you know how to adjust them. Also check the volume on your own device – can you adjust that? The sound on these Video screen sharing platforms is usually good enough for you not to wear a headset or earphones so best to avoid them.

It helps to put your lap top on some books or something similar, so that it is raised and all of your face can be seen “ head on” so that you are not having to lean into the camera on your device, or look down which doesn’t show you in your best light!

Its not a bad idea to have a mock run through with a friend or family member ahead of time so you feel relaxed and prepared and can be assured that you know what to adjust and how so that you can keel calm and smile from the minute the interview starts.

What to Wear.

Dress as you would expect to dress at an interview – Dress to Impress! You still need to show proper business respect and courtesy. Demonstrate that you have made an effort.

The Interview.

Video interviews will involve all the usual content we can expect from a face to face interview. Questions will be asked to learn about your experience skills and attitude, your reasons for leaving current and past employers and some questions around values, what you are looking for and what you know about them can be expected as well. Role specific questions will be asked as well of course.

Once you have all of these things set up and sorted out ahead of time, it simply remains for you to be prepared in all the usual ways that you would prepare for any interview.

So Remember – Set the Scene, Be Prepared, Test and Trial, Look Good, Smile and You will Ace it!

Wishing you all the very best in your video interviews!

If you would like specific help and guidance on this or any aspect of your job search – please give us a ring! We love talking to people!

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