Looking for a New Job?

Looking for a New Job? The job market may have changed since you were last looking.

You may have a CV that is focussed on a specific sector and you want to change sectors now.
You may be worried about what people will ask you, how well you will come across at an interview and what to say when interviewers ask that dreaded question “ tell us all about yourself”.

Getting Job Market Ready

How would it feel to work through your job market preparation with an expert?

What if you were able to sit at home and work through the material at your own speed, module by module?

Have access to professionals in this sector who all have over 35 years of experience supporting job seekers.

Have support on CV creation, interview preparation, and coaching, creating your own personal brand, online job searching, 18 different modules, and a host of downloadable material for you to keep and use during your job search?

Better People have a course for you to do online, that will support you in all of these areas and more. We help you with specific and generic CV generation as well as working on your interview technique and own personal brand.

We have included masses of useful downloads for you too so there are lots to reuse and keep.

Whether you want to work through the programme on your own or have 121 Career Coaching with a professional is up to you.

This course is developed in collaboration with one of The UK’s leading training providers working with experienced Career Coaches and Talent Managers who are currently working ” in the job the market” themselves so know exactly what is needed to support job seekers.

If you would like to hear more about this or see what is available, please look at our training site for more information.

Better People Ltd – Supporting Your Search for Work

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