Ducks in a Row



Hiring/Recruiting Right Now?

Got All Your Ducks In A Row?


Attracting, finding and recruiting good people at the moment is really difficult. It is worth getting all your ducks in a row before you start so that you have a really robust recruitment process that will enable you to attract, recruit and retain the very best people for your business.


Here are some tips on how to set up your recruitment campaign to ensure you work as efficiently as possible to secure great candidates.


Start by being absolutely clear about what the role is that you are recruiting for? Look at your existing workflow, staffing levels and make sure this role will enhance all that and not just replace like for like:


  • Write that up into a detailed list of the job with responsibilities, tasks etc- This is your Job Description. Write up a list of the personality that is going to be right for this job what experience do they need? What skills are essential? What are nice to have? This is your Person Specification and will help you to shortlist and interview.
  • Write an advert DONT post your Job description online. It is not a compelling advertisement designed to attract people to apply for your job and thats what you need. Worth remembering too that most people are doing their job searching on their phone so a short punchy advert with few paragraphs, bullet points etc is much easier to read and will therefore attract more applications.
  • When you are happy that your advert describes your company and the job in a way that will make it stand out and encourage people to apply post it on commercial job boards. Dont just leave it on your website. And do not post it without a salary on it. Candidates are suspicious of that and will always prefer to apply for a job with all the details on it salary, hours and benefits too.
  • Prepare the rest of the campaign now. How are people going to apply? To which email address? Who is shortlisting candidates for interview? What is happening to those you reject? How are you going to interview? Zoom/Teams first , then on site with you and who else?


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