Outsourcing and Still Doing the Work Yourself?


Outsourcing and Still Doing the Work Yourself?


I recently researched and booked a cat groomer to come and tackle my poor cats’ fur which has matted up really quickly due to her arthritis which makes it difficult for her to groom herself. Despite my best efforts I couldn’t get to grips with it so thought “ this is a job for a professional” and as this lady came highly recommended, had a credible website, Facebook page etc and sounded lovely on the phone – I booked her to come yesterday.

She really was lovely, but it turned out that I was expected to hold my poor cat on the table for the whole session – against her wishes I will tell you that!

I had to wear rubber gloves and hold her firmly around the shoulders for the whole session. Yes, the groomer did manage to remove most – not all of the clumps of fur that had built up but I was amazed and disappointed that I had to be so much a part of this process. That so much of my time was required in a process that I thought I was effectively outsourcing because I was struggling to do it myself.

It does bring to mind the difference between working with a professional recruiter who only sends you candidates who are absolutely right for the job and one who sends you 20 for you to work through, shortlist and generally clog up your inbox, suck up your time and leave you wondering what you are paying for.

If you rate your recruiter based on the number of CVs they send you – think again.

Wouldn’t you expect them to do all the work, so you only see their shortlist of completely matched candidates?

Wouldn’t you prefer to only look at CVs of candidates you WILL WANT TO INTERVIEW?

Isn’t that what you pay them for?

If your recruiter is sending you lots of CVs and cannot really explain why each and everyone is a match for your job and a real “ fit” in your business –

I hope you are paying them a lot less because you are doing all the work!

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