Is Recruitment Getting Harder?


With at Least 8x More candidates applying for every job,

Is Recruitment Getting Harder?

(A recent admin job of mine had 121 applicants in a week – on one job site!)

Yes it is Making it Harder but not Impossible.

Currently, the volume of applicants for each role, will surprise you ,and will certainly add to the time you need to spend reviewing them and that is certainly making recruitment seem harder.

Anyone who knows us here at Better People, will know that we have continued to recruit through lockdown.

A lot of this has been with existing clients who we already know and trust which means that we can fully brief the candidates on the great work environment because we have visited those clients’ workplace ourselves and can reassure candidates that a client video interview followed by a fully compliant Social Distancing on site client interview will be with our support and guidance. We all need reassuring in these difficult times don’t we?

Where we haven’t been able to actually visit our clients to learn more about them, we have adjusted our Client Discovery criteria to include questions about their work settings, locality etc.

As always, we are supporting clients and candidates to get the best from the process. Helping clients with managing their “on screen” interviews and supporting them with interview questions to help them get the deeper connection they need to shortlist the best candidates.

We are also supporting clients with the different focus needed for recruiting work from home candidates. We are not calling it “remote working” anymore!

We are supporting job seekers who are concerned about their marketability and how to find the best job for them.

We are coaching candidates with video interview techniques and tips and practice with them as we video interview them before shortlisting them to our clients. This means that clients and candidates get more from their video interviews.

This hasn’t been hard for us because every campaign we work on is based on that particular clients’ needs so whilst we have core values, company standards and KPIs underpinning everything we do, every client is different and we are at our best when we are providing a bespoke solution to a recruitment problem.

Recruitment is about people – not just numbers, not CVs, not boolian search strings, not key word searches… so if you would like to talk about recruiting the right people – lets’ book a call.

Helping growing businesess solve their people puzzles.

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