How Many CVs Do You Need?

How Many CVs Do You Need?


I was at my monthly Extreme Growth Mastermind meeting recently, where I have recruited for a number of people in the room. People with eminently more business experience than me, turning over millions of pounds and I was feeling a little fustrated at not being able to think of different content to write about to highlight the benefits of working with Better People Ltd, so shared that fustration with the group.

As well as an interesting observation about our recruitment service, this story does demonstrate the  power of our Mastermind group and why I belong to it but the most important point for me that came out of that session was that everyone around the table who have worked with professional recruiters in the past, were commenting on how effective we are at Better People. Their measure of this was how many CVs they have to look at and how many interviews they carry out to achieve an excellent hire in their businesses, when they are working with us.   This made me smile as it is always great to hear people say nice things about your work isn’t it?

Aside from me smiling though, I was interested to hear them say that our “CV to Interview ratio is exceptional”. What does that mean?

That means that our clients interview all of the candidates whose CV we send them.

It means that they are only looking at CVs for absolutely relevant candidates.

It means that they are not wasting time doing our job – reading masses of CVs to get to a shortlist.

It means that when it comes to pay the recruiters fee, they are not paying for a service where they have done the majority of the work themselves!

So – typically, statistics show that our clients interview every candidate we send them.

Current CVs sent per job are 2.5

Every vacancy we take on  – we fill it.

We don’t send people to our clients who we wouldn’t want to be working with ourselves!

Because we have done our homework with the client, our applicant attraction works ,  our search of the market for the best candidates works, our focussed interviewing and face to face candidate interviews work, so only the really motivated, well briefed candidates stay in our CV Submission List which really does save our clients time and therefore money.

So- if you need to look at 10 CVs from your recruiter, before you are able to select even one candidate for interview- I would suggest that something needs to change.

That could be that you have a good session with your recruiter to help them really understand what you need, ask them to come and see you, book a video call with them, tell them you are going to give them half an hour of your time to allow them to ask everything they need to know to secure you the best candidates and  be able to present you with a  great SHORT shortlist of people you will really want to interview.

Working with a recruiter can be a really effective way of growing your business, to help you bring in the very best people for your team.  Hiring the right people frees you to get on with what you are good at and to achieve your business goals.

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After all you will only have to pay if they find you someone!

Happy Hiring!


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