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Whether you are a business owner or a candidate looking for the next role, people are examining their workplace environments and how they feel about their work and their employers.

Never before has “getting it right” been so important. Never before have we been asking ourselves so many questions about our work, our purpose and our values.

As people spend more time at home away from the  workplace, with time to reflect, I believe that people will come out of this “ uncertain time” with absolute certainty of the kind of employer they DON’T want to work for and the kind of people they DON’T want to have in their business.

Personal profiling is playing an increasingly important part in that. As a recruitment business, we have invested time to train and become accredited in an established profiling tool -Talent Dynamics.  Talent Dynamics helps us to know where we are in Flow, where we are at our best, our most productive, our most creative, our most trusted and fulfilled.

Talent Dynamics personal profiling helps us to understand ourselves and those around us. It helps us to know who to work with on different projects. Who to delegate certain tasks and projects to, who will love doing that particular thing, and whizz through it and who will hate doing that task, take forever to do it, prevaricate and not do it very well either!

Some of our recruitment clients won’t recruit without it. They use it to benchmark their existing teams and then for new recruits so that they know where they will fit in their team. Their Talent Dynamics profile will highlight whether they have learnt and adopted certain skills without an underlying innate instinct for them.  They know who to buddy them with, who should train them, how they will retain information and what will ensure that they thrive in their jobs. It shows us which profile to turn to at different cycles of the business – who to engage when we need external communication, when we need creation, promotion, client management and deep analysis. The Talent Dynamics profile will show us who to turn to at what point.

Teams who work with Talent Dynamics see highly improved staff retention, loyalty, creativity and timely delivery. Talent Dynamics builds trust in teams and when people are doing what they do best, what they enjoy and what energises them we see the best results.

So- You may be employed and wondering if your current career path is still right for you OR

You may be an employer or business owner who wants to recruit more efficiently and have teams working effectively and in harmony

We can help you as an individual or as a business by offering Talent Dynamics profiling and debriefing sessions.

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