Employing people, really isn’t getting any easier is it?


Employing people, really isn’t getting any easier is it?

I was reading a debate on a recruiters forum yesterday about recruiting people to work from home and how far we can go to de- select people who may have children at home making a noise when they are on the phone and generally distracting them and demanding their attention. This person was saying that of course she doesn’t want a new employee to be distracted by their children or for business calls to be backed by noise of children.

It made me realise that there is a lot more to think about when we are recruiting people to work from home some or all of the time. Inevitably, if you are interviewing someone to work from home who has a child, you are going to be asking yourself if that person intends to put that child into childcare when they are working for you at home, or will they have that little one at home with them.

The person who had started the conversation was asking “ does that go against HR rules” which in itself was a telling question.

Get some Expert Advice

My advice to any business owner looking to employ people, or who is about to bring people “ back to work” whether in a blended work from home and office-based role really should consult a qualified HR specialist.

Yes of course you want to know that you are not “breaking the HR rules” (surely we mean current employment law there) but most of all you want to make sure that you are being as fair and reasonable as you can whilst making the best decision for your business.

Like taking on any other service provider, talk to HR consultants first, ask for recommendations and find out what sort of work that HR Consultant did for the person recommending them. Was it about making people redundant or working on an employee benefits package? In which case that may not be relevant for you.

Don’t have issues right now?

It may be that you don’t have “issues” right now but in order to pre-empt request for blended working and your duty of care when your employees are at home, you really should speak to an expert.

I know some great HR experts who are used to supporting businesses of all kinds and sizes so could make some recommendations if you would like that.

Employing people, really isn’t getting any easier is it?

We can take the headache out of the recruitment aspect and find you good people, but it is worth investing time with a qualified HR expert if you have questions like this.

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