Don’t be a Sausage Machine!

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Don’t be a Sausage Machine!

Don’t Make Your Clients Jump Through Hoops to Fit the Way You Work


In these strange and difficult times, I believe we are all looking for just that little bit more from the people we do business with.

We want to know that they care, that our business is a priority to them, that they will give us their best. Of course, we want to know that their business is well run and ethical, and that they look after and value their people. More importantly, we want to feel that they are going to look after us and that they are going to be easy to work with and to value us too.

When we are considering who to work with, we factor in the fact that we want to be understood, appreciated and treated as individuals don’t we? To be listened to, to know that their particular service is what we need in our business, and what will work for us- not a one size fits all.

I can hear those system and process geeks out there saying “ you have to have a process and a system” “ things need to be uniform” and yes they do to a point but don’t make your clients feel as though they are being pulled into  your sausage machine.

Show your prospective clients that your systems and processes exist to ensure that they get the very best service they can. Also show them that you can flex to suit them. Or maybe you can’t or won’t and that is your choice and you will exclude people from working with you.

This came to me as I was recently considering becoming a customer of a particular brand and the hoops they made me go through to “ get on board” and their strange way of communicating made me feel as though I had to fit in with them. They didn’t use any of the existing comms tools that I use and I use a lot!

Efficiency is one thing but not at the cost of your clients’ comfort in your process, ease of use for your clients and reassurance that it will work well for them.

So don’t be a sausage machine!


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