Does Your Recruiter Love You?

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Does your Recruiter Love You?

10 Reasons Why You Should Care About How They Feel About You?

  • To make sure that they give you the best applicants – with 10 times more people applying for jobs at this time – you want them to work through all of those to find those hot ones for you.
  • So that they work hard to understand you and your business which will help them find the best people for you.
  • So that they don’t measure their success based on the number of CVs they have sent you.
  • So that when candidates ask them questions they can give them top level detail about why your business would appeal to them over others and be part of your external marketing and message – they should be promoting your business.
  • So that the candidates you interview are real contenders for the role which saves you time and money.
  • So that if there are difficulties – they can have an open conversation with you and rectify things quickly
  • So that they go the extra mile for you – digging deeper to find you the best people
  • So that they can offer specific solutions and create a recruitment service tailored to your specific needs
  • You want them to be able to write great adverts so that they can attract those hot applicants for you.
  • So that when you give them feed back they work on it, take it in and use it to inform an even better selection process for you.

If you are not talking to your recruiter, chances are you are not in a mutual values based working relationship.

You deserve more – they deserve more.

Talk to them, ask them questions, do they want to improve the relationship?  If they don’t turn out to be the kind of people you want to work with – find recruiters who are –  Chuck ‘em!

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