Does your business have a fear of recruiters?

Why don’t businesses want to speak to recruiters?

Does your business have a fear of recruiters?

We are all so wary of “being sold to” aren’t we? Why is that? Is that because we are too afraid of buying something, that we are unable to say “no”?

Recruitment is a long process, you won’t/can’t hire someone. ( that is another conversation….)


We recommend doing due diligence when seeking a recruiter. Ask to speak to a business that has used them before. Have a look at their social media channels. Do your research and then ring them and say:

“I am doing some fact-finding today so I won’t be making a decision. This is what I am looking to achieve, what would your advice be?”
“ Are you the person who is going to be able to help me with this?”

We should let the salesperson- the recruiter, inform us and guide us so that we can make an informed decision.

The initial information sharing will enable you to get to know them and get a feel for if you can deal with them. You can ask them what you need to know and share information with them about what you need.

This will help your decision to buy from them or not. Can they service your requirements; values, effectiveness, and budget?


A big frustration for me is when a prospective client who I have never met or spoken to, emails me out of the blue. They have a vacancy and they want me to send them some CVs for an Office Manager. They are also clear on their budget, “We never pay more than x”

When I call them to discuss the vacancy, they duck my calls. When I do get to speak to them, they are not prepared to share any information about their business. They won’t discuss their team, their culture, and frustrating of all, the vacancy!

They are not prepared to say how the vacancy has arisen, the prospects, anything, except a generic job spec. They don’t want to talk about that either!

Very often that same business will say – “ we have this vacancy with some recruiters already.” This does not surprise me because,
those recruiters are NOT prioritising their vacancy, why?

  • Because the fee is dreadful;
  • They don’t know how to market it to candidates because they don’t know anything about it.


If you are recruiting, then you are about to make a huge decision that will affect your business, have an impact on your team, and cost you money.

Wouldn’t it be worth having an open conversation with prospective recruiters?
To see who is going to service your needs better?
To find a recruiter whose values align with yours?
After all, they are going to be representing you and your business when speaking with prospective candidates.

Would you rather your recruiter says to prospective candidates –
“I don’t know anything about this company except what I looked up on their website. The salary is this and here is their internal job spec”

Or your recruiter could be saying:
This is an exciting opportunity because this company has won a major contract which is going to have a big impact on their business. The business is sustainable because they make x for which there is increasing demand. The role is a new one and you would be joining a team of X no of people.

They offer flexible work patterns, ongoing training, X days holiday, a day off on your birthday, on-site parking and there is a great work atmosphere there and people usually stay with them a long time.

They are based at X which is easy to get to by car or public transport. This is their interview procedure, the salary is this and they are looking for someone who is really interested in sustainability with great people skills. How does that sound? Shall I put you forward?”.

The second description of the vacancy is far more appealing. And likely to engage and secure interest in a candidate than the first one.


So what I am saying is – give your recruiter all the information they need to be able to attract the very best people for your vacancies.

Be open with them, meet them, find out if you like them by engaging about your business and the vacancy.

You should choose someone you feel you can work with. You are going to be working on a very important project, that is going to have a big impact on your business.

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