Better People Candidate Charter

Our candidates report a very positive candidate experience when dealing with us here at Better People Ltd- from the first time we speak to them, through their in depth interview, the evaluation of skills and experience and the ongoing communication up to point of placement.

Our enlightened open and informed attitudes ensure that we exceed expectations in relation to confidentiality diversity discrimination and eligibility to work.

Talent Dynamics profiling helps candidates understand where they will achieve the most satisfaction in their work, achieve a better work life balance and generally improve their performance. Jayne Johnson at Better People is the only Talent Dynamics Accredited Recruitment Professional in the UK.

We manage the process in the most professional appropriate and respectful way and detail below how we do that.

We visit every company for whom we are recruiting, ensuring that we have full awareness of the company, location, premises, culture and a really thorough understanding of the job we are working on. This means that we can more accurately match you to your ideal job, better prepare you for interview and to ensure that you have no surprises!

We can come to you We can offer our applicants the opportunity to register with us outside of office hours to allow us to create opportunities for them whilst maintaining confidentiality from employers and eliminating time away from work. We can come to you.

What kind of job do you want? We conduct a thorough interview with our candidates based on your CV, your experience, your aspirations and long term plans. We want to gain a thorough understanding of exactly what you have done in the past and what you would like to be doing now, and why you are looking for a new job so that we can create an accurate and positive picture of you when presenting you to our clients.

Local Business Knowledge means that we understand the geography, logistics and business area in which we work which is reflected in the way we match you to jobs

Full Honest and Open Feedback. We expect our clients to give us full and accurate candidate feedback and we certainly expect you to feedback to us what your views are about your interview, the client and of course us here at Better People Ltd

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