Boris and the Small Pieces of Cheese



Management Today Magazine recently published an article based on a comment by our PM on working from home.


“In an exclusive interview with The Daily Mail earlier this month, Boris Johnson boldly stated that “working from home doesn’t work”. Drawing on his own experiences of spending an “awful lot of time making another cup of tea”, eating small pieces of cheese and then “forgetting what it was you’re doing”, the Prime Minister believes staff are “more productive, more energetic, more full of ideas” when in an office environment”


How many of us have worked from home for a long time? Have set up our businesses from the “kitchen table” or the “spare room”?

Did you have small pieces of cheese calling to you (it’s cake for me and I stopped listening!)


Did you make endless cups of tea? Forget what you are doing? (that’s not working from home, that’s making you forget things by the way Boris!!!)


What are your temptations when working from home?


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