About Us

Our specialisation is the way we find the very best candidates for our clients- those individuals who transform the businesses they join because they are enthusiastic committed and generally better people.

We are owner managed which means that our focus and commitment to a high-quality recruitment service which is honest ethical and effective, is not diluted in its daily execution.

  • We conduct a unique bespoke recruitment search  process for each campaign sourcing motivated committed and enthusiastic candidates who will add value to our clients' businesses.
  • We offer our clients an effective flexible and bespoke recruitment service at reasonable rates, saving our clients time and money.
  • With over 76 years of recruitment experience we know how to listen to our clients so that we can keep our customer’s best interests in mind at all times. We know what businesses need and our service reflects that.
  • We are an ethical recruitment business that cares passionately about candidates and clients alike.
  • Our business, as our name suggests is based on people and businesses not just taking jobs and sending CVs.
  • Working with businesses from Birmingham and the West Midlands to Swindon in the South West, we cover London and the Midlands - Oxfordshire, Bucks, Berks, and Hampshire with a team of expert recruiters based in your area.



  • Our commitment to visit and meet with each client from whom we take a job means that we know and understand the requirements of the role, the location, the company, the culture and the work environment. This means that we conduct a more efficient and informed recruitment campaign on each job so that candidates you select for interview, really are potential people for your jobs.
  • We have worked in this local business area for a number of years so we understand the locality, the demographic, what drives businesses in our area, salaries, competitor standards and offerings. We keep abreast of salary levels, market trends and acquire new qualifications and training to maintain our edge.
  • We offer clients support and coaching on interviewing, performance management, and job descriptions.
  • We use Talent Dynamics Profiling to enhance team and individual productivity and performance.
  • Our wide experience across the Better People team, means that we are experts in all types of recruitment including sales and business development, telesales, telemarketing, digital  marketing, operations managers,  admin support staff, finance and engineering staff

To have a free no obligation call with us about your recruitment, please call 01491 836632. We love talking to people!