Transformational Recruitment

It came to me the other day that recruitment can and should be transformational.

I don’t mean anything woo woo or secret enchanted forest stuff- I mean that if we bring the right people into our businesses, we can be part of real measurable business transformation.

We can achieve this transformation, simply by recruiting the right people for our businesses.

Simply? Yes apply simple planning and preparation, document it, measure it and repeat it when you get it right.

Your applicant attraction methods are a key part of this. What does it say in your adverts? Who writes your job adverts? Do they say the right things about your business? From the outset – say the best things about your business and how you work and the type of people you are looking for.

Interviews? – Do you have an interview plan? Interview questions/script? Do you know what you want to know about your applicants? Do you really know what you want to know? What qualities are you looking for? Are values important to you? You really need to know key things about them to decide if they are the right people for our business.

Commitment, Enthusiasm, Responsibility, Accountability, Flexibility, Originality -  Do you know how to find out if your interviewees have these qualities? These are the qualities we are looking for.  Do you know what questions you need to ask to evidence these qualities?

Can you see the difference that having people with those qualities will make? Can you see how this means that you can trust them to do their work well, to relate well to those around them, to go the extra mile and progress with your business as it grows and help you to run a productive efficient business?

You might be wondering why I haven’t mentioned how we are going to check on their skills and experience… frankly – that’s’ the easy bit and pretty formulaic. We get an expert to help us put together some experience based questions relevant to the job they will be doing, possibly add in a skills test/assessment and or, operational thought process check and of course that forms part of the interview process too.

It is that ability to source the right person that brings the transformation. The person who brings enthusiasm, energy, commitment, flexibility and accountability and who goes the extra mile - that is the person we are looking for, no matter what part of the business they will be working in, a person like this will be an asset to our business. The point is that by using the right recruitment methods , we can achieve this.

This person and people like it will bring Transformation to our businesses.


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