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People I speak to who are running their own businesses are often daunted at the prospect of doing their own recruitment. They know how important it is that they get it right and that they stay within the law but they don’t know where to start.

Today I am going to break the process down into 6 Simple Steps. If you get each of these stages covered you will have a great recruitment campaign, will attract the best candidates, be organised, systematic and will be able to retain and motivate those new recruits as well.

Importantly, you will stay within the law and create a template for every time you recruit.

1 - Job Description and Person Spec – take the time to do this – both of these documents inform and support other parts of the process. Include all duties and responsibilities and the purpose of the job you are recruiting for. The Person Spec will have the personal qualities skills and attributes the individual working in this role will need.

2 - Attracting Applicants for Your Vacancy – who is going to write the advert? Remember this is not the Job Description.  The advert is your chance to attract people to your business. It is a piece of carefully considered marketing. Consider where are you going to advertise?  Where will you be able to find these candidates? Where are they looking for jobs?

3- Applicant Administration Who will the applicants respond/apply to? Where will the applications be stored? Who will reply to the unsuitable applicants? Do you have a template letter? Will you do this yourself or delegate it? Who is going to send the emails inviting candidates for interview?

4- The Interview and the Interview Scripts – Where are you going to interview? Who are you going to ask to take the interview notes so that you can concentrate on the candidate? The interview scripts should be based on the Person spec you have written so that you can shortlist against essential skills and make sure that you have asked all the applicants the same set of questions in case you are asked about this in the future.

5- The Offer – When this moment comes are you equipped to be able to do this quickly? If the candidate appeals to you they will certainly appeal to another employer so make sure that you make your verbal offer within 24 hours of the interview and that you follow that up immediately with a written offer. Make sure that you have a template offer letter ready before you start the process. The offer letter should detail starting salary, benefits, any commission or bonus schedule, hours of work, starting date, holiday entitlement, car policy if appropriate and details of any induction training that they will be offered.

6 - First 3 months – Managing probation, Setting performance review dates, training and motivation. Best to set a schedule for this probation period so that the new starter knows what is expected of them and by when they should have achieved a certain standard. They also need to know that they will have some dedicated time to speak to their manager. Who is going to over see this and make sure your candidate is trained happy and motivated so that they can stay with you and really add value to your business? After all this work, we should be doing everything we can to retain these new employees.

If you plan organise and prepare, working through the 6 Simple Steps, recruitment need not be a headache. You will be able to attract and retain good motivated enthusiastic people who will really add value to your business and help you to achieve your goals.

Good Luck!

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