Recruiting For People We Like

Yes, we do only work with Better People!

People we like, value our people more too!

We only work with people we like – what do I mean by that? Well if I don’t think that the employer is going to provide the right kind of work environment, if their attitude to their staff is not right, if they are not open about their motives and reason for recruiting, if they don’t want to meet us, to talk to us about their business and their recruitment needs then I don’t recommend working with them.

I do offer a money back guarantee and don’t want to give the money back.  I want my candidates to stay and thrive in their jobs and really add value to the businesses they are in. I don’t want to introduce our good candidates into jobs for organisations where they will not be valued and respected.

A company approached me recently-  e-mailing me about filling a vacancy for a telesales person. I called to book my on site consultation with them and the decision maker said –

“well there isn’t any point wasting time having a  meeting with you, I know how these things work and you have the JD - basically you can fill it or you can’t “

So when I started to ask some background questions it became apparent that he has recruited for this role 4 times in the last 9 months. He did not know or would not share the detail of the commission structure and said “ if they are good they will earn good money” the he didn’t have “time to waste on training” so they would have to “hit the ground running” and “ earn their salary straightaway” He then said “ when can you get me some CVs?” He also made some derogatory remarks about his existing staff. I think you know what I am going to say- we didn’t choose to work with that business.

We have a number of clients who return to us again and again as their businesses grow because they know we understand their business, the culture of their business, the existing teams, what kind of person fits and they really appreciate that on site meeting when we sit with them and talk through the process.  They know that they get really good value from our recruitment process. When we visit these businesses again and again we are saying bi g Happy Hellos to employees that we recruited who are happy settled and productive in their jobs.

 We don’t just send CVs. We offer advice on their interview process, write their adverts and know where to advertise for what and how to attract the best people.  We put together a bespoke campaign just for them and with a combined 65 years of recruitment experience we can often give a perspective that they haven’t considered. That means that the next time they are recruiting, they ring us and tell us about the job and we know exactly where it fits in the business. We know where to go to find those people and after  a thorough interview and vetting process can find them the very best people - Better People in fact!

We make sure that the person who meets the client is the consultant who works on the job and meets the candidates for that client.

So what does a good professional recruiter do? Finds you the right people for your vacancies whilst you get on with running your business. They do the work so that the CVs you receive and read will be for candidates who look so good for your business that you can’t wait to meet them.

Better People Ltd offer a free initial consultation visiting all our clients on site before we start work on their jobs. If you would like a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL - NO OBLIGATION conversation with me about any aspect of your recruitment, please call today 01491 836632 /077484 02587.


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We are owner managed which means that our focus and commitment to a high quality recruitment service which is honest ethical and effective, is not diluted in its daily execution.

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