New Minimum Wage Rates



The National Minimum Wage increases took effect from 1 October.

Here are the new hourly rates:

Adult rate: £6.31

18-20 year-olds: £5.03

16-17 year-olds: £3.72

Apprentices: £2.68

Accommodation offset: £4.91

Do get in touch if you require assistance or further information.

Jayne Johnson 01491 836632

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Discrimination on Grounds of Age is Illegal

Discrimination on Grounds of Age is Illegal

It seems to me after the week I have had that some people are totally unaware that they mustn't discriminate on grounds of age and need to be reminded that it is illegal!  You cannot tell your recruiter that you don't want someone who is going to leave and have babies, nor can you say that someone is too old for the job!...  So below you can read about The Equality Act and what you are not allowed to do on grounds of age.  Fresh from the ACAS website.…

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Are you Getting The Best from Your Recruiter

I wrote this as a 10 minute presentation for a business networking meeting. The audience seemed interested and asked me lots of questions afterwards so I thought it might be of interest to other people too.

I have 27 years experience recruiting for all types of businesses across all disciplines…

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Too Pretty to Work?

Too Pretty to Work....…

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Talent Dynamics - Why?

 A Case Study 

A client with whom I had recruited recently before my Talent Dynamics accreditation, worked through his Talent Dynamics debrief with me and was amazed at how accurately it described him. He could see immediately how it would improve harmony and productivity in his team.…

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We are owner managed which means that our focus and commitment to a high quality recruitment service which is honest ethical and effective, is not diluted in its daily execution.

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