• Time Bandits - Who is Stealing Your Time?

    The Time Bandits  

    Do you know any of these?

    Do you feel guilty when you “waste time”? Do you feel embarrassed or guilty when you find yourself inadvertently wasting other peoples’ time?  

    Time is both a priceless and under-valued commodity. We don’t get it back. As Omar Khayyam says in the famous Rubaiyat – “Three things come not back, time spent, the sped arrow and the spoken word”

    (More of the last two on another day perhaps)

    Increasingly, I become more aware of how disrespectful individuals, can be of other peoples’ time. Once time has gone we do not get it back.

    I don’t waste my time getting annoyed with these people because that would give them far more of my energy than they are worth.  I am mentioning it today, because, recently, I seem to have been a victim of more Time Bandits than usual What do I mean? Let me give you some examples

    The person who agrees to meet me for a business meeting and spends the whole time taking calls – without any explanation to me, as to why this needs to happen in our meeting. I do understand that a family or similar type emergency takes precedent sometimes but you do have to let people know that.

    The person who calls me and then keeps me on the phone while they look things up about what they wanted to speak to me about… or conducts conversations with other people whilst they are on the phone to me. Shouldn’t they have done that all this before they called me?

    The person who consistently invites you to their house for dinner and who is always “running late” and is in fact not ever ready for you.

    The person who insists on reading a document, whilst you are sitting in front of them and you sent them this document on e-mail 10 days ago.

    The GP surgery that tells you to “keep ringing from 8.30 to get an appointment”. We have all waited on a constantly ringing phone for more than 30 minutes -  without getting an appointment.

    The person in a time limited meeting who talks at length about a personal point or matter, that has no relevance or interest for the wider group.

    The company that asks you to wait in for half a day to receive a parcel that YOU HAVE PAID THEM for and then don’t deliver the parcel in that time slot and fail to e-mail you, text you or call you and yet you have supplied all of these details in order to confirm your order.

    Major high end supermarkets who fail to put on enough staff on peak days so that you are queuing to use even the fast check areas.

    The banks who have all our money and yet can’t get to the phone to answer our calls – recently waited 17 and 20 minutes on auto respond to speak to my bank. And isn’t that annoying when every time you call these companies, their auto answering service says “ we are experiencing higher than usual call volumes and you will be held in a queue”

    People who keep you waiting without even apologising or explaining their absence.

    Global logistics firms who have all kinds of fabby dabby parcel tracking services that can’t even get a parcel to you when they say they will, or keep you informed as to when it will be delivered.

    Some of these things happen, some of these things can’t be helped but when the same people and the same businesses rob you of your time, again and again it does become hard to bear.

    I do keep myself calm about these things because I don’t want to give this the power to take over my head, but really I shouldn’t have to even be making that much effort. I should not have to learn the art of mindfulness, patience and deep breathing to deal with these Time Bandits.

    If you expect people to respect your time, make sure you are doing all that you can to respect their time too. And remember that your time is priceless!



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